Chole recipe

Chole recipe | How to make chole at home

Chole are one of the most tasty part you will find in almost all the northern food in India. In this chole recipe chickpeas are cooked which are delicious and tasty to eat. It is normally served as a combo like chole chawal and chole bhature. The most tasty chole are found in the dhabas of northen India or most precisely in indian state of Punjab.

Time required to make this chole recipe is very less. For preparation you need 10 mins if you had already kept the chickpeas soaked for overnight. And for executing the recipe you need only 30 minutes.

Making some choices :-

Will you make chole masala powder at home or you will buy from any of the popular brands ?

If you are a beginner you should chole masala from any of the popular brands available in the market. But if you are handy with all these things you can try it out.

You also have to prepare the onion tomato gravy which is the base of this recipe like all other northern Indian recipes.

Ingredients (including for chole masala) :-

1 cup chickpeas or chole (uncooked dried) and a tea bag (optional) or 2 dried amla pieces or half tsp tea powder.
1 inch cinnamon1 small bay leaf., 2 cloves ,2 green cardamon and 2 tablespoons oil or as needed
1½ cup onions finely chopped or 1¼ cup processed or 1 cup pureed (2 no)
1 green chilli slit (optional)
¾ to 1 tablespoon ginger garlic fine chopped or paste
1 cup tomatoes fine chopped or pureed (3 no)
salt as needed (I used ¾ tsp pink salt)
½ to 1 teaspoon red chili powder
1 tablespoon chole masala (refer notes)
¾ teaspoon GARAM MASALA
1 teaspoon coriander powder
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves) (optional)
1 tbsp GHEE
½ inch ginger julienne (for garnishing)
1 green chilli slit
2 tablespoon coriander leaves (fine chopped for garnishing)

Preparation of chole :-

  1. Rinse chole in a pot and soak it in water overnight or at least for 8 hours.Chole recipe
  2. Rinse the chole in fresh water as the old water in which you had soaked it will turn browny.
  3. With dried amla or with one tea bag add one and half cup of water. If you don’t have tea bag then you can boil some tea powder in one and half cup water and poured in it.
  4. On a medium flame, cook it in a cooker till it gets soft. Normally with a pressure cooker it take 5 to 6 whistles.
  5. Open the pressure cooker and check the choles and if they are still hard then you can again put it in pressure cooker for 1 to 2 whistles.

Preparation of masala for gravy:-

  1. Dry roast bay leaf, red chili, coriander, cloves, cinnamon, pepper corn, a black cardamom and a green cardamon. After roasting when good smell come out of it add fennel seed and cumin to it. Deep roast them so that they turn a little bit dark. While deep roasting don’t burn them.
  2. After cooling them add it to a blender and make a fine powder out of it. Chole recipe

Chole recipe:-

  1. On a hot pan add oil, cardamom, cinnamon, a clove and a small piece of bay leaf. Add ginger garlic paste to it and saute until the raw smell is dissipated completely.
  2. Add finely chopped green chilies and onions. You can also grate the onion if you want in order to fine process it.Chole recipe
  3. Cook until the onion turned brown and then add turmeric, tomatoes and salt. You can also use grated or puree of tomatoes.
  4. Now saute the mixture until the tomatoes gets mushy and then add garam masala, chole masala and red chili powder to the mixture.Chole recipe
  5. Saute the contents for 3 to 4 minutes and then mix everything well. Add the chickpeas we had prepared earlier and then add water as per requirement.
  6. Once they started boiling , cover and simmer the contents for 18 to 20 minutes. After the given time open the cover if you still didn’t got the consistency cover it again for 5 minutes.
  7. Add kasturi methi and amchur powder to it.

Garnish it:-

You can use coriander leaves, ginger, chili and some ghee in order to garnish it. So what are you waiting for by the end of the recipe you will be able to make tasty chole at home.

Image credits:- Indian Health Recipes and Veg recipes of India

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